Eaton produces a broad range of products and services, from fuel-efficient systems to power chain management tools and components that safely guide commercial aircraft. Eaton is always looking for new ways to increase the value of the products and services that we offer our customers.


engineered to handle the heat

Standard hoses that aren’t compatible with biofuels can prematurely crack, leak or burst at high temperatures, leading to safety, liability and warranty issues. You might not always know where your trucks or machines go, or what kind of fuel customers will use, but with Eaton GH100 and GH101 biodiesel hose, you can rest easy

Ensuring exceptional performance

All our Walterscheid fittings are designed to meet the toughest application demands for strength, pressure resistance and reliability. OEMs with very stringent requirements choose Walterscheid, given our extensive safety and hazardous environment approvals


No leaks and high bending, impulse and corrosion resistance.

Lightweight Reinforcement

With an aramid poly-braid reinforcement that’s durable yet lightweight and flexible

Guardian Seal 

Guardian Seal is our exceptional, zinc-based surface treatment applied by electroplating.


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