For over 60 years, Alfagomma has been producing and distributing high quality products all over the world, offering an excellent service and customized solutions for every customer needs.



Complete product range developed over many years of research working together with our OEM partners to deliver technical innovation and engineered solutions Our products are designed, developed and field tested to exceed extreme applications and international norms. The total tracebility system ensures maximum reliability and hystorical data integrity. Built to guarantee total compatibility and maximum safety.


ALFAGOMMA Top Coat (ATC) is a PATENTED plating based on a Trivalent Passivation and High Resistance Sealing. Tested in accordance with ASTM B117-03 and UNI ISO 9227 standards, ATC ensures over 500 hours corrosion prevention in salt spray fog to white rust, and over 1000 hours to red rust. ATC is Chromium(VI)-free in accordance with fully European directive 2000/53/EC compliant. Over 500 hours white rust resistance and 1000 hours red rust resistance.


Hoses and fittings are designed to work perfectly together for the highest performances, as a sole problem-free system, no matter how the machine operates.


Extensive industrial fitting range specially designed to guarantee the best performance with our hose in diverse industries and applications.

Stainless Ste​el 
Hose & Fittings

Stainless Steel Corrugated Hose Assemblies are made according to OEM specification and certification requirements Diameter range from 6 mm to 200 mm Operating temperature range, from -270 °C to 700 °C Suitable for use both pressure and vacum applications.


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